Sunday, June 25, 2006

M254 - Not quite 100, but not out yet.

After the panic last week in trying to get my M254 TMA03 ready (and being convinced that I would have to miss some questions), I had put the thought of it to the back of my mind and not expected anything back from my tutor for a couple of weeks. I figure it would take that long because he has a sudden glut of TMA's arriving at the same time.

So imagine my surprise when an auto-generated email arrive in my inbox on 24th June (just less than two whole days after submission) telling me that my work had been marked and returned. I downloaded the returned documents and opened them with some trepidation - had I fluffed some of the hurried answers? Had I picked up the wrong end of the stick and mis-understood what some of the programming requirements were? I knew that my code worked - but was the quality of the code good enough? Could I have made the code more concise? Had I made some almighty screw-up?
OK, do I look at my overall score or do I read through each question along with my tutor's comments? Oh heck, I can't wait - lets just look at the final score and then disect where I have gone wrong...

Ah, it says 98%. Perhaps I misread that - I'll double check - no, it does say 98%. So my code is OK, I had interpretted the requirements correctly and I hadn't made screw-up. There is hope for me yet.

Of course, deep-down inside, I am really satisfied with that score, and so is my tutor - but he has set me a challenge I think. He pointed out that it was still not quite 100% - how can I resist? I'll just have to try harder next time!

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