Monday, April 02, 2007

M359 - TMA01

Well, thats it. TMA 01 is submitted, for better or worse. I try and not submit TMA's until almost the last minute just in case something occurs to me (along the lines of: "So thats what the question meant! I'll have to redo all that bit"). But I found that for the last week or so I have just been fiddling and tinkering with it but not really making it any better. So the time has come to put it to rest and see what comes.

Never quite sure with a new course just how the marking is going to go, so all I hope at present is that I haven't fluffed it and have taken the correct approach and level in answering the questions. What I would like is to achieve above the 85% line (and generally, in previous courses, I do). But ...

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